The Campaign to End PLO Funding

Sponsored by JAHG-USA
(Jews And Hasidic Gentiles — United to Stop Amalek)

Proclamation to be signed by rabbis and other Jewish leaders

If you are a rabbi or serve in some other leadership capacity in the Jewish community, please contact us through our e-mail page to request a print copy of this proclamation to sign and return (please be sure to include your mailing address).

If you’re not in an official leadership position or you’re not Jewish, please e-mail us with the names and addresses of Jewish leaders to send this proclamation.

If you know American leaders in general, not necessarily Jewish, who need to endorse this campaign, please view our Proclamation 2 for general endorsement.

Endorser list updated August 13, 2015;
871 endorsements

Proclamation 1:
The Responsibility of Every Single Jew to Participate in the Campaign to
“Stop Funding the Terrorist PLO!”

  • It is our duty to inform every Jew of the following Torah principles:
  • Every Jew, regardless of age or position, has an obligation under Jewish law to save the life of a fellow Jew whose life is in danger (the obligation of  ).
  • This obligation “pushes aside the entire Torah” (), meaning that it overrides, if necessary, the observance of virtually any other part of Jewish law — even shabbos, Yom Kippur, or the like ().
  • When the time comes to save a life (or lives), a Jew is absolutely forbidden to ask permission to do so, even from a Rav or any other authority; Jewish law states that by asking for authorization, a Jew would be wasting precious time and effort that is needed for the saving of lives, and would be giving others the false impression that saving lives might be optional, or that someone may have the authority to override this obligation.
  • The Table of Jewish Law () states that any rabbi who is asked by a member of his community for permission to save lives is considered shamed and disgraced (), since he previously failed to teach clearly that they must not ask his permission in such a case.
  • Indeed, Jewish law requires the rabbi to precede his entire congregation in rushing forward to save lives, so as to provide a proper example to others ().
  • A Jew who fulfills his duty to save a life is considered as if he has saved the entire world.
  • One who fails to carry out his responsibility is considered by Torah as if he actually participated in the murder of his fellow Jews.
  • One who sees his fellow Jews not carrying out their responsibility of saving lives must speak out and pressure those Jews to do their duty; if another person, despite knowing his responsibility, still refuses to act, “we shame him publicly, publicize his (ongoing) sin, reproach him to his face, and despise and curse him, until he will return to what is proper” (), if this is the only way to make him take proper action.
  • One who discourages his fellow Jews from saving lives, or who even fails to speak out to force them to take action, is considered one who causes the masses to sin; he loses his place in the World to Come (), and is hindered — or even blocked altogether, if his terrible sin persists — from doing teshuvah (repentance and return) for his heinous act of betrayal ().
  • Various authorities, including the Lubavitcher Rebbe, have unequivocally applied the principle of saving lives to the current situation in Israel, in which Jews are being forced to surrender in stages to our enemies — especially to the Marxist, terrorist Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and various affiliated groups (); these terrorists continue to make clear their objective of utterly destroying the nation of Israel and murdering all its citizens ().
  • The organization “Jews And Hasidic Gentiles — United to Stop Amalek” (JAHG-USA) has spearheaded a campaign to terminate U.S. government funding for the PLO and its various front organizations, financing which amounts to hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars each year, and which may well be the primary funding source for the terrorists, without which their operations would cease and uncountable Jewish lives would be saved.
  • Therefore, we the undersigned endorse the materials produced by JAHG-USA for this PLO-defunding campaign, including the petition “An Urgent Call to Stop Funding the Terrorist PLO!”, the flier “Is America Ready for Judgment Day?”, and the book A Brilliant Disguise: How Israel’s Enemies Have Concealed their True Identity and Fatal Weakness; these materials should be used by every single Jew in America in an emergency campaign to save Jewish lives — which is obligatory for all Jews.
  • The efforts to neutralize Israel’s enemies should not be limited to the above, but should also include any other productive efforts leading to the destruction of the PLO and its allies and sponsors.

Name: (signature of rabbi/leader)


Abraham’s Tent, Jerusalem, Israel

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Eichenblatt (Co-Dir.)

Agudath Israel

Rabbi Avrohom Biegeleisen (Exec. Dir., AI of Montreal, Canada; & Yeshiva Gedola)
Rabbi Shlomo B. Goldberg (Rav, AI of Washington Hts., NY City)
Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss (Rav, AI of Staten Island, NY)

Ahavas Chesed, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Avraham Leider (Exec. Dir.)

Aleph Institute

Rabbi Zvi Boyarsky (Los Angeles, CA)
Rabbi Aaron Lipskar (Exec. Dir., Surfside, FL)

Ascent Institute, Tsfat, Israel

Eyal Binyamin Karoutchi (Project Mgr.)
Rabbi Shaul Leiter (Dir.)
Tal Mandel
Rabbi Eyal Riess
Rabbi Mordechai Siev

authors / lecturers

Rabbi Zechariah Fendel (z”l)* (Hashkafah Publications, Brooklyn, NY)
Dr. Arnie (Aryeh) Gotfryd (Thornhill, ON, Canada)
Rabbi Moshe Miller (Chicago, IL)

Avnei Choshen Found., Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Avrum Moshe Friedmann (Pres.)

Bais Chana Women’s Inst., West S. Paul, MN

Rabbi Manis Friedman (Educ. Dir.)

Bais Chaya Synag. & Prep. Academy, Pompano Beach, FL

Rabbi Moshe Rabin (Dir.)

Bedatz of Amsterdam, Holland

Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag (Av Beis Din; & Rav, Young Israel of Ave. K, NY; Union of Orth. Rabbis of US & Canada)

Beis Din of Detroit, MI

Rabbi Chaim Moshe Bergstein

Beis Medrash in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Baruch Mordechai Lipskier (Dir.)

Beis Moshiach Magazine

Rabbi Shabtai Weintraub (aka “Shai Gefen”)

Beis Rivka Seminary, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Sholom D. Geisinsky

Beit Rivka Seminary, Kfar Chabad, Israel

Rabbi Chalom Barchichat
Rabbi Moshe Chefer (Principal)

Belz Chasidim

Rabbi Yehoshua Hershkovitz (Bais Yehuda, Monsey, NY)
Rabbi Isaac Lerner (Yeshiva Machzikei Hadas of Belz, Monsey, NY)

Bikur Cholim, Palm Springs, CA

Rabbi Yankel Kreiman (Dir.)

Bnos Menachem School, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Dovid Leib Myhill

Bostoner Chasidim

Dr. Elliott Kuswetz (Pres., Khal Chassidim of Highland Park, NJ)

Brit Yosef Yitzchak

Rabbi Yaron Amit (Jerusalem, Israel)

Central Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Zalman Labkowski (Dean)
Rabbi Yekutiel Rapp (z”l)*
Rabbi Yitzchok Springer (z”l)*

Chabad Girl’s School, Lod, Israel

Rabbi Shimon Dadon

Chabad Houses & emissaries, international — Australia

Rabbi Shaul Engel (Bayside, Melbourne, VIC)
Rabbi Shloimeh Nathanson (Docklands, Caulfield N., VIC)
Rabbi Mendel Raskin (Beis Menachem Cmmty. Ctr., Bentleigh E., VIC)
Rabbi Shneur Zalman Raskin (Beis Menachem Cmmty. Ctr., Bentleigh E., VIC)
Rabbi Dovid Sebban (Southhead Synag., Sydney, NSW)
Rabbi Shalom White (Perth, WA)
Rabbi Daniel Menachem Yaffe (Young Adult Chabad, Bondi, NSW)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, international — Canada

Rabbi Shlomo Banon (Kollel Beth Yossef, Montreal, QC)
Rabbi Yehoshua Botnick (Ottawa-Carleton, Ottawa, ON)
Rabbi Dovid Leib Chaikin (Beth Joseph, Toronto, ON)
Rabbi Shalom Chriqui (Centre Chabad, Montreal, QC)
Rabbi Chaim Shlomo Cohen (Mada Cmmty. Ctr., Montreal, QC)
Rabbi Ari Drelich (Edmonton, AB)
Rabbi Eliahou Gabay (Chabad Lubavitch Youth Org., Montreal, QC)
Rabbi Meir Gitlin (Markham, Thornhill, ON)
Rabbi Yehuda Gozlan (Chai Ctr., Montreal, QC)
Rabbi Mordechai Groner (Dir., Jewish Learning Inst., Calgary, AB)
Rabbi Zalman Aaron Grossbaum (Community Ctr., Thornhill, ON)
Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow (Cong. Beth Tefilah, London, ON)
Rabbi Barak Hetsroni (Chabad Chai Ctr., Montreal, QC)
Rabbi Zalman Itkin (z”l)* (Hamilton, ON)
Rabbi Meir Kaplan (Vancouver Island, Victoria, BC)
Rabbi Mendel Kaplan (Flamingo, Thornhill, ON)
Rabbi Schneur Zalman Kaplan (Montreal Torah Ctr., QC)
Rabbi Raphael Kats (Saskatoon, SK)
Rabbi Nachum Labkowski (S. Lazare, QC)
Rabbi Velvel Minkowitz (Montreal Torah Ctr., Hampstead, QC)
Rabbi Berel Mochkin (Youth Org., Montreal, QC)
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Raskin (Cote St. Luc, QC)
Rabbi Moshe Reikhtman (Chai Ctr., Montreal, QC)
Rabbi Yehuda Rodal (The Shul Lounge, Montreal, QC)
Yosef Romano (Chai Ctr., Montreal, QC)
Rabbi Chanoch Rosenfeld (Hamilton, ON)
Rabbi Yossi Sandhaus (Flamingo, Thornhill, ON)
Rabbi Menachem Silberstein (Chabad Chabanel, Montreal, QC)
Rabbi Zushe Silberstein (Chabad Chabanel, Montreal, QC)
Rabbi Yoseph Y. Zaltzman (Jewish Russian Cmmty. Ctr., Toronto, ON)
Rabbi Shaya Zirkind (the Town, Montreal, QC)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, international — Europe (general)

Rabbi Mendel Chitrik (Istanbul, Turkey)
Rabbi Avraham Cohen (Brussels, Belgium)
Rabbi Aaron Ctorza (Vienna, Austria)
Rabbi Shimon Evers (Amersfoort, Netherlands)
Rabbi Yaakov Friedman (Dir., Chabad schools, Moscow, Russia)
Rabbi Yeshayahu Gerlitzky (Bucharest, Romania)
Rabbi Avrohom Hazan (Tzeirei Agudas Chabad, Milan, Italy)
Rabbi Shalom Hazan (di Monteverde, Rome, Italy)
Rabbi Yigal Hazan (Milan, Italy)
Rabbi Aryeh Leib Heintz (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Rabbi Mendy Hertz (Antwerp, Belgium)
Rabbi Uri Holtzman (Geneva, Switzerland)
Rabbi Zalman Kahn (Rabbinical Alliance of CIS, Moscow, Russia)
Rabbi Yaakov Tzvi Kantor (Chabad of Ticino, Lugano, Switzerland)
Rabbi Yaakov Klein (Int’l. Jewish Community of Moscow, Russia)
Rabbi Yosef Krichevsky (Brussels, Belgium)
Rabbi Yitzchok Loewenthal (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Rabbi Mordechai Mendelson (Karlsruhe, Germany)
Rabbi Mendel Pinson (Ohel Menachem, Brussels, Belgium)
Rabbi Menachem M. Schtroks (Cologne, Germany)
Rabbi Yaakov Snetkov (Dir., Jewish Cmmty., Khabarovsk, Russia)
Rabbi Jaacov Zwi Spiero (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Rabbi Meir Stambler (Warsaw, Poland)
Rabbi Israel Sternberg (Trieste, Italy)
Rabbi Schneur Zalman Trebnik (Wurttemberg, Ulm, Germany)
Rabbi Yakov Uston (Beth Halevi, Vienna, Austria)
Rabbi Daniel van Praag (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Rabbi Jaakow Waiser (Agudas Chasidei Chabad HQ, Vienna, Austria)
Rabbi Mendy Wilansky (Marina Roscha Synag., Moscow, Russia)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, international — France

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Allouche (Synagogue CIO, La Celle-St.-Cloud)
Rabbi Eliezer Arnauve (Paris)
Rabbi Menahem Mendel Azoulay (Levallois-Perret)
Rabbi Mendy Benelbaz (La-Varenne-St-Hilaire, Paris)
Rabbi Yossef Bismuth (Villepinte)
Rabbi Eliahou Dahan (Lille)
Rabbi Raphael Halimi (Paris 19, Paris)
Rabbi Yosseph Kalmenson (Kehilat Chne Or, Aubervilliers)
Rabbi Daniel Kauffmann (Paris)
Rabbi Nota Levertov (Aubervilliers)
Rabbi Schneour-Zalman Lubecki (Villeneuve-S.-Georges)
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Mergui (Maisons Alfort, Creteil)
Rabbi David Mimoun (Montrouge)
Rabbi Natan Paris (Strasbourg)
Rabbi Mordechai Pevzner (Perpignan)
Rabbi Yossef Yitschok Pinson (Nice)
Rabbi Shlomo Saada (Paris)
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Samama (Strasbourg)
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Sarfati (Poissy)
Rabbi Moshe Sarfati (Les Lilas)
Rabbi Elicha Schapira (Villeneuve-S.-Georges)
Rabbi Mordechai Sojcher (Boulogne)
Rabbi Eliahou Uzan (Clichy-la-Garenne, Yerres)
Rabbi Menachem Zekri (S. Cloud)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, international — Great Britain

Rabbi Michoel Danow (Student Chabad, Leeds, England)
Rabbi Yonoson Golomb (Sheffield, England)
Rabbi Mendy Lent (Nottingham, England)
Rabbi Moshe Muller (Ilford, Essex, England)
Rabbi Gershon Overlander (Hendon, London, England)
Rabbi Eli Pink (Lubavitch Centre, Leeds, England)
Rabbi Ephraim Potash (London, England)
Rabbi Nachman Sudak (Lubavitch Found. Reg. HQ, London, England)
Rabbi Dovid Usiskin (Bristol, England)
Rabbi Hershi Vogel (Rav, W. London — Ealing, London, England)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, international — Israel

Rabbi Shlomo Abramson (Bamerkaz Ha-asakim, Netanya)
Rabbi Ohad Antverg (Haifa)
Rabbi Viktor Atiyah (Hebron/Kiryat Arba)
Rabbi David Aziza (Tzafon, Tel Aviv)
Rabbi Gilad Bar-Tov (Giv’atayim)
Rabbi Yisrael Beiser (Beit Shemesh)
Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim (Tzafon, Netanya)
Rabbi Yochanan Butman (Hadera)
Rabbi Gilad Chadad (Ilaniya)
Rabbi Nissim Chamo (Dimona)
Rabbi Avraham Cohen (Beit Mashiach Chabad, Be’er Sheva)
Rabbi Daniel Cohen (Hebron)
Rabbi Eli Cohen (Yitzhar)
Rabbi Yaniv Cohen (Zanuahk, Beit Shemesh)
Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen (Karnei Shomron)
Rabbi Yosef Dahan (Otniel)
Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Druck (Tene Omrim - Har Hebron)
Rabbi Mordechai Zvi Dubrowski (Rav, Beit Hakneset Chabad, Rishon Lezion)
Rabbi Hirsh Farber (Gilo, Jerusalem)
Rabbi Chaim Farro (Dolev, Ramat Beit Shemesh)
Rabbi Shabtay Fischer (Giv’at Shmuel)
Rabbi Dor Fishman (Kadumim)
Rabbi Tzachi Yitzchak Francis (Dead Sea, Ein Bokek)
Rabbi Menachem Friedman (Har Adar)
Rabbi Yosef Friedman (the “City,” Ashdod)
Rabbi Sholom Gamliel (Jerusalem)
Rabbi Shimon Garelik (Rav of shul, Nahariya)
Rabbi Simcha Geldzahler (Kiryat Simcha)
Rabbi Yisrael Haber (Chispin)
Rabbi Sagee Har-Shefer (Nes Ziyona)
Doron Hegyi (inst. mgr., Itamar)
Rabbi Sholom Ber Hertzel (Rosh Pina)
Rabbi Eldad Ilan (Gadera)
Rabbi Begin Kalimi (Eir Ganim, Jerusalem)
Rabbi Chaim Kaplan (Dir., Agudat Kiryat Chabad, Tsfat)
Rabbi Avrohom M. Kastel (Rechovot)
Rabbi Michoel Kelman (Kibbutz Yifat)
Rabbi Avshalom Kill (Gan Ner)
Rabbi Chanan Kochunovski (Ramat Eliyahu, Rishon Lezion)
Rabbi Yechiel Kotzer (Eilat)
Rabbi Yosef Kramer (Tiberias)
Rabbi Erez Krelenstein (Mosdos Chinuch Chabad, Rechovot)
Rabbi Natan Lernoboy (Neve David, Haifa)
Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Lipkin (Kfar Saba)
Rabbi Eitan Liran (Givat Tal, Kiryat Ata)
Rabbi Yoel Mann (Keisaria, Or Akiva)
Rabbi Ramiel Maor (Bat Hayin)
Rabbi Yosef Nachshon (Hebron)
Rabbi Chananel Pizem (Sderot)
Rabbi Refael Portal (Kfar Bilu)
Rabbi Michael Reinitz (Rechovot)
Rabbi Zeev Riterman (Kiryat Malachi)
Rabbi Nachum Rivkin (Karmiel)
Rabbi David Rosenfeld (Karmei Tsur)
Rabbi Yitzhok Rosenstein (Mateh Binyamin)
Rabbi Chaim Sasson (Lev Israel Chai, Beitar Eilit)
Rabbi Elisha Schapiro (Beit Shemesh)
Rabbi Yehuda Leib Schildkraut (Exec. Dir., Lubavitch Inst’s. of Haifa)
Rabbi Nechemya Schmerling (Kfar Yona)
Rabbi Noam Schwartz (Kazrin)
Rabbi Shimon Shaer (Kiryat Moshe, Rechovot)
Rabbi Aharon Shifman (Shefer, Tsfat)
Rabbi Boruch Slonim (Modi’in)
Rabbi Yaakov Slonim (Givat Mordechai, Jerusalem)
Rabbi Zvi Chaim Slonim (Mitzpeh Ramon)
Rabbi Ron Storch (Agudat Kiryat Chabad, Tsfat)
Rabbi Shneor Nisim Taizi (Beit Nehemia)
Rabbi Slomo Taizi (Lod area — ?)
Rabbi Yaakov Turnheim (Beitar Eilit)
Rabbi Yigal Tzipori (Kiryat Shemona)
Rabbi Eliezer Vaisfiche (Petach Tikva)
Rabbi Eliezer Weiner (Beit Shemesh)
Rabbi Chaim Zilber (Merom Kenaan, Tsfat)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, international — South America

Rabbi Gabriel Aboutboul (Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Rabbi Boruch Agman (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rabbi Yerachmiel Belinow (São Paulo, Brazil)
Rabbi Avraham Benchimol (N. Area, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rabbi Shimon Brand (Cotia, S. Paulo, Brazil)
Rabbi Felipe Dorf (Morumbi, São Paulo, Brazil)
Rabbi Yehoshua Forma (Educ. Dir., ISEJ, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rabbi David HaLevi Gazale (Rio de Janeiro)
Rabbi Nissim Katri (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
Rabbi Ofer Kripor (Cusco, Peru)
Rabbi Eli Levy (Colegiales, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rabbi Shlomo Levy (Palermo, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rabbi Yosef Ludman (W. Area, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rabbi Yoel Migdal (Central Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rabbi Chaim Ossowiecki (Morumbi, São Paulo, Brazil)
Rabbi Levi Perman (Santiago, Chile)
Rabbi Chanoch Piekarski (Bogota, Colombia)
Rabbi Eliyahu Rosenfeld (Sinagoga Beit Menachem, São Paulo, Brazil)
Rabbi Isaac Javier Safranchik (Almagro/Abasto, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rabbi Tuvia Serber (La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rabbi Menachem Shemtov (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Rabbi Aharon Stawsky (z”l)* (Chabad HQ, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rabbi Menachem Stolik (Curitiba, Brazil)
Rabbi Eliyahu Swued (Barranquilla, Colombia)
Rabbi Yossi Turk (Cordoba, Argentina)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, international (general)

Rabbi Chaim Eliezer Ashkenazi (Ohr Menachem, Bangkok, Thailand)
Rabbi Dovid Haller (Johannesburg, S. Africa)
Rabbi Yosef Y. Hecht (Sandton, Gallo Manor, S. Africa)
Rabbi Benzion Hershcovich (Cabo S. Lucas, Mexico)
Rabbi Yosef C. Kantor (Bangkok, Thailand)
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Karniel (Panama City, Panama)
Rabbi Betzalel B. Lifshitz (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Rabbi Levi Lipskar (Orchards, Johannesburg, S. Africa)
Rabbi Osher Litzman (Yongsan, Seoul, S. Korea)
Rabbi Shimon Pelman (Domingo, Dominican Republic)
Rabbi Mendel Popack (Chabad Centre Cape Town, Sea Point, S. Africa)
Rabbi Tzvi Rivkin (Bangalore, India)
Rabbi Abraham Srugo (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Rabbi Amijai Swued (Interlomas, Mexico)
Rabbi Shlomo Tabib (Taipei, Taiwan)
Rabbi Israel Uzan (Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA — Arizona

Rabbi Laib Blotner (Mesa)
Rabbi Dan Hayman (Dir., Jewish Russian Programs, Phoenix)
Rabbi Dov Levertov (Dir., Chabad Teens, Phoenix)
Rabbi Levi Levertov (Phoenix)
Rabbi Yossi Levertov (Scottsdale)
Rabbi Shmuel Tiechtel (AZ State Univ., Tempe)
Rabbi Dov Ber Zaklikofsky (Goodyear)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA — California

Rabbi Elly Andrusier (N. Irvine)
Rabbi Joel Andrusier (Irvine)
Rabbi Aharon Begun (Cheviot Hills; Bais Chana H.S., Los Angeles)
Rabbi Yosef Berkowitz (S. Huntington Beach)
Rabbi Levi Blesofsky (Yorba Linda)
Rabbi Chalom Mendel Boudjnah (Jewish Student Life, S. Diego)
Rabbi Eliezer Dovid Broner (Conejo, Agoura Hills)
Rabbi Shmary Brownstein (Davis)
Rabbi Moshe Bryski (Conejo, Agoura Hills)
Rabbi Aharon Meir Cunin (S. Jose, Los Gatos)
Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie (Yorba Linda)
Rabbi Reuven Goldstein (Cupertino)
Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein (Poway)
Rabbi Dov Greenberg (Stanford Univ., Palo Alto)
Rabbi Sholom Greenberg (Oceanside, Vista)
Rabbi Dovid Gurevich (UCLA, Los Angeles)
Rabbi Elimelech Gurevitch (Laguna Beach)
Rabbi Yitzchok Hurwitz (Temecula)
Rabbi Yehuda Korf (Greater Los Feliz, Los Angeles)
Rabbi Yossi Korik (Roseville)
Rabbi Moshe Langer (Pacific Hts., S. Francisco)
Rabbi Yakov Latowicz (Chabad — Jewish Cmmty. Ctr., Ventura)
Rabbi Moshe Levin (Downtown E., Los Angeles)
Rabbi Zalman Levin (Greater S. Bay, Palo Alto, CA)
Rabbi Dovid Lisbon (Beach Cities, Redondo Beach)
Rabbi Shmuel Marcus (Cypress)
Rabbi Yitzchok Marcus (Los Alamitos)
Rabbi Zalman Marcus (Mission Viejo)
Rabbi Chaim Mentz (Bel Air)
Rabbi Reuven Mintz (Newport Beach)
Rabbi Yosef Mishulovin (Mid-City Ctr., Los Angeles)
Rabbi Dov Muchnik (Oxnard)
Rabbi Yosef Muchnik (Camarillo)
Rabbi Hertzel Peer (Persian Youth Ctr., Los Angeles)
Rabbi Yisroel Pinson (Pasadena)
Rabbi Nosson Potash (Cole Valley, S. Francisco)
Rabbi Shimon Raichik (Hancock Park, Los Angeles)
Rabbi Raleigh Resnick (Tri-Valley, Pleasanton)
Rabbi Yisrael Rice (Marin, S. Rafael)
Rabbi Shalom Rosenblat (Greater S. Bay, Palo Alto)
Rabbi Mendy Rubenfeld (Poway)
Rabbi Yitzchak Sapochkinsky (Westlake Village)
Rabbi Michoel Shapiro (La Costa)
Rabbi Chaim Teleshevsky (on Montana, S. Monica)
Rabbi Alter Tennenbaum (Irvine)
Rabbi Yitzchok Weiss (Los Angeles — ?)
Rabbi Berel Yemini (Chabad Israel Ctr., Los Angeles)
Rabbi Yisroel Zaetz (Chabad Student Ctr., S. Francisco)
Rabbi Yisroel Zavdi (W. Orange Co., Huntington Beach)
Rabbi Levi Zirkind (Fresno)
Rabbi Mendy Zwiebel (Chico)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA — Colorado

Rabbi Mendel Mintz (Aspen)
Rabbi Yisroel Meir Popack (Chabad Lubavitch of CO, Denver)
Rabbi Yossi Serebryanski (S. Denver)
Rabbi Aharon Sirota (Western Ctr. for Russian Jewry, Denver)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA — Florida

Rabbi Chay Amar (Golden Beach, Sunny Isles Beach)
Rabbi Baruch Andrusier (SW Broward, Cooper City)
Rabbi Mordechai Andrusier (Pembroke Pines)
Rabbi Pinny Andrusier (SW Broward, Cooper City)
Rabbi Pinny Backman (Univ. of S. FL, Tampa)
Rabbi Leizer Barash (Emerald Hills, Hollywood)
Rabbi Yosef Biston (Parkland)
Rabbi Sholom Blank (Cong. Lubavitch Russian Immigrant Ctr., Miami Beach)
Rabbi Avrohom Brashevitzky (Doral)
Rabbi Chaim Brody (Bais Menachem, N. Miami Beach)
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Browd (NE Florida, Jacksonville)
Rabbi Zalman Bukiet (W. Boca Raton, FL)
Rabbi Yoel Caroline (Key Biscayne)
Rabbi Menachem Cheruti (Chabad Israeli Ctr., Miami Beach)
Rabbi Menachem Dechter (Friendship Circle, Miami Beach)
Rabbi Yaakov Denburg (SW Coral Springs)
Rabbi Yossie Denburg (Coral Springs)
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Engel (Tamarac)
Rabbi Mendy Fellig (Univ. of Miami, Coral Gables)
Rabbi Yosef Gansburg (Coconut Creek, Pompano Beach)
Rabbi Zalman Gansburg (Palmetto Bay)
Rabbi Adi Goodman (SW Broward, Cooper City)
Rabbi Shmuel Gopin (Midtown, Miami)
Rabbi Mendy Gutnick (Parkland)
Rabbi Shmuly Gutnick (Chabad Youth Network, Boca Raton)
Rabbi Shloime Halsband (Calif. Club Chabad, N. Miami Beach)
Rabbi Yossi Hecht (Marion Co., Ocala)
Rabbi Naftali Hertzel (Chabad Israeli Ctr., Boca Raton)
Rabbi Alexander Kaller (Chabad Russian Ctr., Sunny Isles Beach)
Rabbi Moshe Kievman (The Family Shul, Highland Lakes)
Rabbi Sholom B. Korf (Delray Beach)
Rabbi Moshe Lazaros (Polk Co., Lakeland)
Rabbi Ed Leibowitz (Cong. Ahavas Yisrael Chabad, Maitland)
Rabbi Mendel Levy (The Shul, Surfside)
Rabbi Boruch Shmuel Liberow (Chabad Student Ctr., Boca Raton)
Rabbi Shmuel Mann (Venetian Islands, Miami Beach)
Rabbi Shraga Mann (South Beach, Miami Beach)
Rabbi Shmuel Novack (Southside, Jacksonville)
Rabbi Lazer Rivkin (Reg. Dir., central FL, Tampa)
Rabbi Yossi Rosenblat (Bais Menachem, N. Miami Beach)
Rabbi Mendel Rosenfeld (Aventura South, Aventura)
Rabbi Yaakov Roth (Lubav. Educ. Ctr., Miami Beach)
Rabbi Dovid Shapiro (Dir., Anshei Lubavitch, Miami Beach)
Rabbi Benzion Singer (Lauderdale by the Sea)
Rabbi Menachem Smith (Chabad for Seniors, N. Miami Beach)
Rabbi Shaul Snovsky (Chabad Russian Ctr., Sunny Isles Beach)
Rabbi Yossi Srugo (Aventura)
Rabbi Yitzchok Teitelbaum (Anshei Lubavitch, Miami Beach)
Rabbi Yaakov Zucker (Florida Keys, Key West)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA — Maryland

Rabbi Shlomo Beitsh (Israeli Ctr., Rockville)
Rabbi Sender Geisinsky (Bethesda)
Rabbi Zev Gopin (Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore)
Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sufrin (Clarksville)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA — Massachusetts

Rabbi Chaim Adelman (Amherst)
Rabbi Yekusiel Alperowitz (Cape Cod, Hyannis)
Rabbi Yakov Blotner (Yeshiva Academy, Worcester)
Rabbi Hershel Fogelman (z”l)* (Worcester)
Rabbi Mendel Hecht (Franklin Co., Greenfield)
Rabbi Chaim Kosofsky (Bais Hamidrash Lubavitch, Longmeadow)
Rabbi Yaakov Lazaros (Framingham)
Rabbi Chaim Prus (Newton)
Rabbi Yosef Resnick (Sharon)
Rabbi Dan Rodkin (Shaloh House, Brighton)
Rabbi Levi Volovik (Berkshire Co., Pittsfield)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA — N. Carolina

Rabbi Shlomo Cohen (Charlotte)
Rabbi Avrohom Gordon (Charlotte)
Rabbi Menachem Vorst (Charlotte)
Rabbi Yehuda Weiss (Charlotte)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA — Nevada

Rabbi Yehoshua Harlig (S. Nevada, Las Vegas)
Rabbi Chaim Ozer Metal (Summerlin, Las Vegas)
Rabbi Yisroel Schanowitz (Summerlin, Las Vegas)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA — New Jersey

Rabbi Avrohom Bernstein (Freehold)
Rabbi Chaim Boyarsky (Palisades, Tenafly)
Rabbi Michoel Goldin (Friends of Lubavitch of Bergen Co., Teaneck)
Rabbi Michel Gurkov (Passaic Co., Wayne)
Rabbi Asher Herson (NW New Jersey, Rockaway)
Rabbi Mendel Herson (Greater Somerset Co., Basking Ridge)
Rabbi Boruch Klar (Lubavitch Ctr. of Essex Co., West Orange)
Rabbi Mendy Lewis (Old Tappen)
Rabbi Levi Neubort (Anshei Lubavitch Cong., Fair Lawn)
Rabbi Moshe Schapiro (Hoboken)
Rabbi Yitzchak Sebbag (Passaic-Clifton, Passaic)
Rabbi Yosef Spalter (Montville)
Rabbi Yehudah Spritzer (Monroe)
Rabbi Dovid Wilansky (Bris Avrohom — Cong. Ohel Yosef Yitzchok, Hillside)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA — New York

Rabbi Chayim Boruch Alevsky (West Side, New York City)
Rabbi Joshua Alpert (Long Island Univ., CW Post, Brookville)
Rabbi Yaakov Bankhalter (Chabad Loft, New York City)
Rabbi Leibel Baumgarten (E. Hampton)
Rabbi Yossi Blesofsky (Chabad of NE Queens, Bayside)
Rabbi Eliyahu Blokh (Rego Park, Queens)
Rabbi Shmaryahu Charitonow (Buffalo)
Rabbi Yitzchok Chayempour (Kew Gardens, Queens)
Rabbi Aharon Chein (Assoc. for Georgian Jews, Rego Park)
Rabbi Dovie Chein (Flatbush/Ave. M, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Cohen (Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Michoel Estreicher (Brooklyn Hts., Brooklyn)
Rabbi Yehuda Friedman (Mill Basin, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Aron Ginsberg (Boro Park, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Mendy Goldberg (East End, Coram)
Rabbi Eli Goodman (the Beaches, Long Beach)
Rabbi Chaim Grossbaum (Stony Brook)
Rabbi Levi Gurkov (Oceanside)
Rabbi Yitzchok Hecht (Ulster Co., Kingston)
Rabbi Moshe Katzman (Staten Island)
Rabbi Yakov D. Kirschenbaum (Washington Hts., New York City)
Rabbi Eli Kogan (Jewish Russian Learning Ctr., Staten Island)
Rabbi Shimon Kramer (Chabad Ctr. for Jewish Life, Merrick)
Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski (Upper East Side, New York City)
Rabbi Avrohom Laber (S. Rensselaer Co., Troy)
Rabbi Avraham Lehr (Jewish Chai Ctr., Dix Hills)
Rabbi Zalman Liberow (Flatbush, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Shmuel Lieberman (Hofstra Univ., Hempstead)
Rabbi Yehuda Lipskier (West Sixties, New York City)
Rabbi Yochanan Marosov (Midwood, Brooklyn; & Dean, Bais Menachem Mendel)
Rabbi Dovid Aba Mochkin (Kessler Family Chabad Ctr., Rochester)
Rabbi Aaron Leib Raskin (Brooklyn Hts., Brooklyn)
Rabbi Abraham Rotban (Chai Ctr., Staten Island)
Rabbi Yisroel Rubin (Capital District, Albany)
Rabbi Aaron Shain (Upper Mid Nassau, E. Norwich)
Rabbi Levi Shemtov (Riverdale, Bronx)
Rabbi Yisroel Shusterman (Cheder Chabad, Monsey)
Rabbi Zalman Simon (Bethlehem Chabad, Delmar)
Rabbi Adam Stein (SUNY at Stony Brook)
Rabbi Tzvi Stroh (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Shneur Zalman Teitelbaum (Medical Cmmty., Bronx)
Rabbi Asher Vaisfiche (Huntington, Melville)
Rabbi Shaul Wertheimer (Queens College, Flushing)
Rabbi Sholom Wilhelm (South Shore, W. Islip)
Rabbi Yosef Wilhelm (Chabad Young Professionals, New York City)
Rabbi Mendy Wolf (Midtown Manhattan, New York City)
Rabbi Shneur Zalman Wolowik (Five Towns, Cedarhurst)
Rabbi Shraga Zalmanov (Flushing, Queens)
Rabbi Yerachmiel Zalmanov (E. Queens, Hollis Hills)
Rabbi Ephraim Zaltzman (Kingsborough Coll., Brooklyn; & Young Israel of Brighton)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA — Ohio

Rabbi Moshe Gancz (Greater Cleveland)
Rabbi Akiva Greenbaum (Toledo)
Rabbi Nochum Mangel (Dayton)
Rabbi Yoseph Shemtov (Toledo)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA — Pennyslvania

Rabbi Levi Haskelevich (U. Penn, Philadelphia)
Rabbi Yosef Itkin (Pittsburgh; & Rav, Vaad HaKashrus)
Rabbi Yosef Lipsker (Berks Co., Reading)
Rabbi Zvi Perlman (Youth Development Prog., Wilkes-Barre)
Rabbi Shmuel Pewzner (Harrisburg)
Rabbi Mendel Prus (Central Bucks Co. W, Doylestown)
Rabbi Shmuel Rothman (Pittsburgh)
Rabbi Shlomo Silverman (Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh)
Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein (Bucks Co., Newtown)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA — Texas

Rabbi Asher Goldschmidt (Chabad Kesher Found., Dallas)
Rabbi Betzalel Marinovsky (Regional HQ, Houston)
Rabbi Yossi Marrus (S. Texas, S. Antonio)
Rabbi Moishe Traxler (Outreach, Houston)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA — Washington

Rabbi Levi Backman (Whatcom Co., Bellingham)
Rabbi Shalom D. Farkash (Central Cascades, Issaquah)
Rabbi Avi Herbstman (Menachem Mendel Cheder Day School, Seattle)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA (general)

Rabbi Yishaya Benjaminson (Rohr Chabad Ctr., Glenview, IL)
Rabbi Heshy Epstein (Columbia, SC)
Rabbi Yaakov Ginsburg (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Rabbi Levi Goldstein (Des Moines, IA)
Rabbi Adam Goodfriend (Greenville, SC)
Rabbi Yosef Gopin (W. Hartford, CT)
Rabbi Mendel Kaplan (Oak Park, MI)
Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein (Tannenbaum Chabad, Chicago, IL)
Rabbi Itchel Krasnjansky (Honolulu, HI)
Rabbi Yosef Landa (St. Louis, MO)
Rabbi Eli Langsam (Peoria, IL)
Rabbi Aryeh Laskey (YYCEF, Southfield, MI)
Rabbi Yossi Lerman (Gwinnett Co., Norcross, GA)
Rabbi Berel Levertov (Chabad Jewish Ctr., Santa Fe, NM)
Rabbi Berel Levitin (Hebrew Academy, New Haven, CT)
Rabbi Avrohom Litvin (Louisville, KY)
Rabbi Chaim Litvin (Chabad of KY, Louisville, KY)
Rabbi Mordechai Newman (Alexandria-Arlington, Alexandria, VA)
Rabbi Yisroel Newman (Lincoln, NE)
Rabbi Noach Pawliger (Atlanta, GA)
Rabbi Moshe Rapoport (Peltz Ctr. for Jewish Life, Mequon, WI)
Rabbi Mayer Rubenfeld (Upper MW Merkos-Lubavitch, W. St. Paul, MN)
Rabbi Aron Schimmel (NE Iowa, Postville, IA)
Rabbi Mendel Schusterman (Indianapolis, IN)
Rabbi Mendel Shemtov (Elgin, IL)
Rabbi Boruch Susman (Chabad Chai Ctr., Louisville, KY)
Rabbi Mendy Weiss (Richmond, VA)
Rabbi Moshe Wilansky (Chabad Lubavitch of ME, Portland, ME)
Rabbi Betzalel Wilschanski (Kenosha, WI)

Chabad Houses & emissaries, USA (general), cont.

Rabbi Moshe Zaklikofsky (Cong. Mishkan Israel, Oak Park, MI)

Chabad-Lubavitch Torah Educational Svcs., Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Gavriel Avichzer (Dir.)


Rabbi Aharon Amzalak (Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI)
Rabbi Aryeh Goetz (Jewish Recovery Houses, Baltimore, MD)
Rabbi Raphael Jaworowski (Chicago Mitzvah Campaign, Chicago, IL)
Rabbi Moses Tamari (Pikud Tzafon — IDF N. Command — Tsfat, Israel)
Rabbi Zvi Wolf (IDF Army Base 406, Negev Desert near Beer-Sheva, Israel)

Chaya Mushka Seminary, Montreal, QC, Canada

Rabbi Berel Bell
Rabbi Avraham Benshimon

Cheder Chabad, Monsey, NY

Rabbi Yossel Sirota

Cheder Menachem, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Boruch Braude
Rabbi Simcha Frankel

Cheder Ohr Menachem, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Yitzchak Fuchs
Rabbi Yonah Goldberg
Rabbi Shmuly Hayes
Rabbi Boruch Sholom Schwei
Rabbi Shmuel Shmueli
Rabbi Levi Tenenbaum (Principal; & Mesivta Chovivei Torah)

Chief Rabbinates

Chief Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gershovits (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Chief Rabbi Menachem Hadad (Brussels, Belgium)
Chief Sephardic Rabbi Yitzchok Niazov (Vienna, Austria)

Colel Chabad, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Shmuel Lipsker (Asst. Dir.)

Cong. Lubavitch (770 Eastern Pkwy.), Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Menachem Gerlitzky (Mgr.)
Rabbi Avraham Holtzberg (Mgr.)
Rabbi Sholom Ber Kievman (Mgr.)
Rabbi Yosef Losh (Mgr.)

Council of Jewish Organizations of Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Ezekiel Pikus (Dir.)

Crown Heights Beis Din, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba (Av Beis Din)
Rabbi Shlomo Segal
Rabbi Yitzchok Zirkind (z”l)*

Crown Hts. Jewish Community Council, Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Harvey (Tzvi) Lang (V. Chair)
Rabbi Leibish Nash (Sec.)
Rabbi Shmuel Plotkin (Treas.)
Moshe Rubashkin (Chair)
Rabbi Chanina Sperlin (Exec. VP)

Emet College Outreach, Queens, NY

Rabbi Reuven Kigel

European Center for Jewish Students, Brussels, Belgium

Rabbi Zev Ives (Exec. Dir.)

Exodus Treatment Center, Miami, FL

Dr. Jay Holder (Dir.)

F.R.E.E. — Friends of Refugees of E. Europe

Rabbi Yosef Mishulovin (Southfield, MI)
Rabbi Avrohom Okonov (Nat’l. HQ, Brooklyn, NY)
Rabbi Mayer Okunov (Dir., Nat’l. HQ, Brooklyn, NY)

Friendship Circle

Rabbi Chezy Deren (Stamford, CT)
Rabbi Zelik Moscowitz (Northbrook, IL)
Rabbi Shmuel Dovid Wilhelm (Greater Mercer Co., Princeton, NJ)

Hadar HaTorah Yeshiva, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Yaacov Osdoba
Jesse Winer

Hassidic Discovery Center, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Beryl Epstein (Dir.)

Heart to Heart Foundation, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Goldstock (CEO)

Hebrew Academy of Morris Co., Randolph, NJ

Rabbi Gil Hami

Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns & Rockaway (HAFTR), Lawrence, NY

Rabbi Ari Glazer

Heichal Menachem

Rabbi Yoel Naparstek (Brooklyn, NY)

Hillel Foundation

Rabbi Norman V. Weitzner (Dir. Emeritus, Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick, NJ)

Ichud Mosdos HaChinuch, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Yaakov Mandel (Exec. Dir.)

iVolunteer, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Tzvi Tauby (Dir.)

Jewish Day School Gershuni, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Rabbi Shevach Zlatopolsky (Principal)

Jewish Education Program of Westchester, Mamaroneck, NY

Rabbi Baruch Zaitschek (Founding Dir.)

Jewish Federation of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

Rabbi Ayal Barak

Jewish Learning Inst., Karmiel, Israel

Rabbi Mendel Elishevitz

JNet — The Jewish Learning Network, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Yehuda Dukes

Kehot Publishing House

Rabbi Nosson Grunblatt (Editorial Kehot Lubavitch Sudamericana, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rabbi Shlomo Meir Mark (editor, Kfar Chabad, Israel)

Kiryat Chinuch Lebanim, Ashdod, Israel

Rabbi Shoul Dolinger (Founder & Dean)

Kollel Menachem Lubavitch, Melbourne, Australia

Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Groner (Dir.)

Lubavitch Boys School, London, England

Rabbi Menachem Brackman
Rabbi Dovid Karnowsky
Rabbi Mordechai Labkowski

Lubavitch House School, London, England

Rabbi Eliezer Keselman

Lubavitch Mechina L’yeshiva, London, England

Rabbi Levi Paris

Lubavitch Mesivta, Chicago, IL

Rabbi Moshe B. Perlstein (Dean)

Lubavitch Schools, S. Paulo, Brazil

Rabbi Moti Begun (Hebrew Principal)

Lubavitch Shluchim Office, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Sholom Estrin (Tefillin Bank)

Lubavitch Yeshiva Boys School, Pittsburgh, PA

Rabbi Yosef Deren
Rabbi Dovid Friedman

Lubavitch Yeshiva of Minnesota, S. Paul, MN

Rabbi Mottel Friedman (Principal)

Lubavitch Youth Organization (LYO), New York, NY

Rabbi Shmuel Butman (Dir.)
Rabbi Shlomo Friedman

Magen David Yeshiva — Celia Esses H.S., Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Shimon Alouf (Dean; & Cong. Ahaba VeAhava of Ocean Pkwy.)
Rabbi Elinatan Biton
Rabbi Bruce Cohen
Rabbi Isaac S. Escava
Rabbi Nir Shalom
Rabbi Harold Sutton (Asst. Principal; & Cong. Bnei Yitzchok)

Magen League Anti-Missionary, Moscow, Russia

Rabbi Dr. Alexander Lakshin (Dir.)

Mastermind Inst., Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Ronnie Rendel

Mayanot Inst. of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, Israel

Rabbi Shlomo Gestetner (Dean)
Rabbi Yisroel Noach Wichnin

Mesivta Chovivei Torah (ULY), Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Binyomin Baras
Rabbi Dov Baron
Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Jacobson
Rabbi Levi Labkowski
Rabbi Mendel Labkowski
Rabbi Sholom Ber Lipskier (& Vaad L’Hafotzas Sichos)
Rabbi Shmuel Marozov
Rabbi Menachem Minsky (Principal)
Rabbi Yossi Paltiel
Rabbi Naftali Silberberg
Rabbi Mendel Slavaticki
Rabbi Kalman Weinfield (Principal)

Mir Yeshiva, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Abraham Geller

Monsey Beis Chaya Mushka, New City, NY

Rabbi Chaim Dovid Kagan (Dean)

Nadvorna Chasidim

Rabbi Mordechai Leifer (the Rebbe, Brooklyn, NY)

Nat’l. C’ttee for Furtherance of Jewish Education

Rabbi Shimon Hecht (Brooklyn, NY)
Rabbi Simcha Werner (Dir., Monsey, NY)

Ohel Chana School, Melbourne, Australia

Rabbi Mendel Shusterman

Oholei Torah Mesivta, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Zalman Baras
Rabbi Yosef Bryski (& Tzivos Hashem)
Rabbi Sholom Jacobson
Rabbi Dovid Kahanov
Rabbi Chaim Lepkivker
Rabbi Akiva Nussbaum
Rabbi Eli Simpson
Rabbi Eli Stolik
Rabbi Nachman Y. Twersky
Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm (Principal)

Oholei Torah Yeshiva, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Shmuel Benjamin (& Keren Simchas Choson V’Kalah)
Rabbi Nosson Blumes
Rabbi Shmuel Bluming
Rabbi Israel S. Engel
Rabbi Shmuel Filler
Rabbi Avraham Gerlitzky
Rabbi Efraim Gershovitz
Rabbi Mendel Goldstein
Rabbi Peretz P. Hecht (z”l)*
Rabbi Yaakov Karp
Rabbi Zev Karp
Rabbi Hillel Laufer
Rabbi Mendel Lerman
Rabbi Israel Levinson
Rabbi Hershel Lustig (Principal)
Rabbi Hirsh Marsow
Rabbi Fishel Oster
Rabbi Ephraim Piekarski (Principal)
Rabbi Shaul Rappoport
Rabbi Pinchas Rieber
Rabbi Moshe Rubinson
Rabbi Nachman Schapiro
Rabbi Shmuel Segal
Rabbi Michoel Seligson
Rabbi Meir Shimshoni (Principal)
Rabbi Isser Slavin
Rabbi Eli Tenenbaum
Rabbi Eli Tiefenbrun
Rabbi Moshe Tzfasman
Rabbi Moshe Wiener
Rabbi Shlomo Zwiebel

Ohr Menachem Yeshiva, Montreal, QC, Canada

Rabbi Meir Dahan

Ohr Menachem Yeshiva, Vienna, Austria

Rabbi Zalman Raskin

Ohr Temimim Yeshiva, Kfar Chabad, Israel

Rabbi Nasanel Yitzchok Marantz

Olympia Boys Group, Monsey, NY

Aryeh Goldstein

Organized Kashrus Laboratories (O-K), Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Chaim Fogelman
Rabbi Mendel Reizes

Orthodox Union (O-U), New York, NY

Rabbi Leonard Steinberg (Rabb. Coord., Kashrus Div.)

Rabbinical Alliance of America, New York, NY

Rabbi Norman Bernstein (VP)
Rabbi Mayer Birnhack (& Exec. Dir., Jewish Heritage Resource Ctr.)
Rabbi Abraham Hecht (z”l)* (Pres.)
Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum (Dir.)

Rabbinical College of America, Morristown, NJ

Rabbi Chaim Brafman (Dean, Kolel Tiferes Bachurim)
Rabbi David Dick (Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim)
Rabbi Zalman Dubinsky (Dean, Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim)
Rabbi Israel Gordon (Emeritus)
Rabbi Roni Greenberg (emeritus, Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim)
Rabbi Efraim Piekarski (Yeshiva Tomchei T’mimim)
Rabbi Chaim Schapiro (Dir., Rabbinical Ordination Program)
Rabbi Sholom Spalter (Cheder Lubavitch)
Rabbi Yisroel Teitelbaum (Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim)
Rabbi Yitzchok Tenenbaum (Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim)
Rabbi Yaakov Wagner (Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim)
Rabbi Zalman Wilschanski (Dir., Yeshiva Tomchei T’mimim; Rav, Cong. Levi Yitzchak)

Rabbinical College of Canada, Montreal, QC, Canada

Rabbi Meir Shneur

Rabbinical College of Quebec, Montreal, QC, Canada

Rabbi Yitzchok Meir Gurary

Rabbinical Council of America (RCA), New York, NY

Rabbi Max N. Schreier (past Pres.)

Radio Moshiach & Redemption, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Moshe Ezagui

Rambam Day School, Ottowa, ON, Canada

Rabbi Uri Yitzchak Weitz

Sanz Chasidim

Rabbi Moshe Ornstein (Dean, Sanz Yeshiva, Brooklyn, NY)

Sanz-Klausenburg Chasidim

Rabbi Herman Silberman (Halein; Cong. Bais Chana, Brooklyn, NY)

Sichos in English, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Yonah Avtzon

Skver Chasidim

Rabbi Yonoson Binyomin Katz (Rav, K’hal Bais Eluzer, Brooklyn, NY)


Rabbi Nota Kuperman (Brooklyn, NY)
Rabbi Mordechai Shleser (Mehudar Judaica, Brooklyn, NY)

Spinka Chasidim

Rabbi Yakov Yitzchok Friedman (the Ulemer Rav, Cong. Bais Yosef Ulem, Queens, NY)

Star-K Kashrus, Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Baruch Beyer
Rabbi Avraham Mushell
Rabbi Tzvi Rosen (& Ed., Kashrus Kurrents)

Synagogues — misc. (general)

Rabbi Moshe Antizada (Kehillat Yotz’ei Iran, Netanya, Israel)
Rabbi Yacov Barber (S. Caulfield Hebrew Cong., Melbourne, Australia)
Rabbi Yisroel Yosef Cyprys (New Synagogue, London, England)
Rabbi Shalom Elmaleh (Naar Israel Syn., Milano, Italy)
Rabbi David Gabay (Lakewood Outreach Cong., Lakewood, NJ)
Rabbi Shloima Isaacson (Cong. Bais Dovid, Passaic, NJ)
Rabbi Ari Laine (Beth El Syn., Panama City, Panama)
Rabbi Velvel Shlomo Lazarus (Kehillat Darchei Shalom, Milnerton, S. Africa)
Rabbi Rafi Rosenberg (Sky Lake Syn., N. Miami Beach, FL)
Rabbi Shlomo Sabbah (Rambam Sephardi Cong., Melbourne, Australia)
Rabbi Falik Schtroks (Ctr. for Judaism — Lower Fraser Vly., Surrey, BC, Canada)
Rabbi Yossi Shuchat (South Head Synag., Sydney, Australia)
Rabbi Eliezer Shusterman (Shaarei Torah, Pittsburgh, PA)
Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Solomon (Kehillat Moriah, Sydney, Australia)
Rabbi Naphtali Tiefenbrun (Hackney & E. London Synag., London, England)
Rabbi Dovid Weinberg (Sandton Shul, Johannesburg, S. Africa)
Rabbi Yoseph Wernick (Parramatta Synag., Sydney, Australia)
Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe (Cong. Agudas Achim, W. Hartford, CT)
Rabbi Ezra Zafrani (Rav, Kehilat Etz Hayim, Lakewood, NJ)

Synagogues — misc. (New York)

Rabbi Shaul Arieli (Cong. Ohel Yitzchok of Kew Gardens Hills)
Rabbi Shulem Beck (Rav, Beis HaMidrash Ahavas Torah V’chesed, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Abraham Benhaim (Sephardic Cong. Magen Avraham, Kew Gardens Hills)
Rabbi Shlomo Besser (Cong. Bnei Israel Chaim, New York City)
Rabbi Eliyahu Dweck (Magen David Cong., Brooklyn)
Rabbi Gedalyah Engel (Cong. Palm Gardens, Brooklyn)
Yidel Feldmaus (Mgr., Cong. Hisachdus Yereim — Veretzky, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Heschel Greenberg (Jewish Discovery Ctr., Buffalo)
Rabbi Mordechai Gurary (Rav, Cong. Chevras Shas, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Jason (Yaakov) Herman (West Side Jewish Ctr., New York City)
Rabbi Shaul Kassin (Shaare Zion, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Dovid Shlomo Katz (Beth Aaron of Flatbush, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Grainom Lazewnik (Rav, Mosad Adar Gbyr, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Moshe Zev Meisels (Rav, Bais Medrash Ihel, Monsey)
Rabbi Noach Isaac Oelbaum (Rav, Khal Nachlas Yitzchok, Kew Gardens Hills)
Rabbi Menashe Sadka (Beit Medrash Tov, Queens)
Rabbi Shimon Sadon (Shuva Israel, Queens)
Rabbi Jacob Schwartz (Beth Yaakov, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Eliyahu Shain (Rav, Cong. Tiferes, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Solomon B. Shapiro (z”l)* (Cong. B’nai Abraham, Queens)
Rabbi Daniel Shuman (Himmel Family Chapel, Williamsville)
Rabbi Michel Spitzer (Cong. Tiferes Tzvi, Brooklyn, NY)
Rabbi Hayim S. Wahrman (Millinery Ctr. Syn., New York City)
Rabbi Yitzchok Winner (Cong. Israel of Kings Bay, Brooklyn)

Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia, PA

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky (Dean)

Tenke Rav

Rabbi Yitzchok Isaac Friedman (Rav, Cong. Bais Yitzchok, Brooklyn, NY)

Touro College, New York, NY

Rabbi Prof. Sender Berkovits (& Ateres Torah; Ahavat Achim)
Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander (z”l)* (Pres.)
Prof. Shimon Silman (Prof.)

Tzivos Hashem

Rabbi Yerachmiel Benjaminson (Exec. Dir., Brooklyn, NY)
Rabbi Israel Kapeluschnik (Dir., Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rabbi David Nachshon (Dir., Israel)
Dr. Dovid S. Pape (Brooklyn, NY)

Ungvar Chasidim

Rabbi Shaya Tenenbaum (Dean, Kollel Ungvar USA, Brooklyn, NY)

Union of Orthodox Rabbis of U.S. & Canada (Agudas HaRabonim), New York, NY

Rabbi Hersh Ginsberg (Dir.)

United Lubavitcher Yeshivos (ULY), Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Shmuel Dechter (Principal)
Rabbi Eliezer Halon (Asst. Principal)
Rabbi Zalman Karp
Rabbi Shmarya Katzen
Rabbi Zvi Lerman
Rabbi Abba Piekarski
Rabbi Arieh Raichman
Rabbi Moshe Schwartz
Rabbi Yosef Simpson (Principal)

Vaad HaRabonim of Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan (& Chabad Ctr. & Lubav. of MD)

Vaad HaRabonim of Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Ronald Barry
Rabbi Dr. Herbert W. (Chaim Zev) Bomzer (Pres.)
Rabbi Melvin I. Burg (Exec. VP)
Rabbi Yakov Greenberg (VP)
Rabbi Daniel Greenwald (Corr. Sec.)
Rabbi Eli Greenwald (VP)
Rabbi David S. Halpern
Rabbi Ari Kagan (VP)
Rabbi Abraham Kelman (& Dean, Prospect Park Yeshiva)
Rabbi Dr. Aaron Levine (z”l)* (& Young Israel of Ave. “J”)
Rabbi Aryeh Lieberman
Rabbi Dr. Sidney Zvulun Lieberman (z”l)* (Hon. Pres.)
Rabbi Dr. Joseph Rosenbluh (Rec. Sec., & Young Israel of Vanderveer Pk.)
Rabbi Aaron Shurin (Hon. VP)
Rabbi Phillip H. Singer (past Pres.)
Rabbi Abraham Stone
Rabbi Aharon Ziegler (& Dean, Kollel Agudas Achim)

Vaad HaRabonim of Queens, NY

Rabbi Manfred Gans (past Pres.)
Rabbi Shlomo Nisanov (& Kehilat Sephardim of Ahavat Achim)
Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld (& Young Israel of Kew Garden Hills)
Rabbi Emaniel Shimonov

Viener Chasidim

Rabbi Chaim Segelbaum (Rav, Derech Emmuna D’Vien, Brooklyn, NY)
Rabbi Shmuel Moshe Solny (Mgr., Derech Emmuna D’Vien, Brooklyn, NY)

Yagdil Torah, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Levi Browd (Dir.)

Yeshiva & Mesivta of Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Shlomo Mandel (Dean)

Yeshiva & Mesivta Torah Vodaath, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Yoel Ehrenreich (Rav)
Rabbi Efraim Glassman (Asst. Principal)
Isaac Gottdiener (Exec. Dir.)
Rabbi Mordechai Karfiol
Rabbi Naftoli Leshkowitz
Rabbi Abraham Lewanoni
Rabbi Leibel Rosen
Rabbi Moshe Schoenblum (Principal)
Rabbi Isaac Schorr
Rabbi Eliezer Trenk

Yeshiva Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Rabbi Sholom Mendel Kluwgant

Yeshiva Darchai Menachem, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Eyal Bension (Principal)
Rabbi Lev Cotlar
Rabbi Dovid Marozov
Rabbi Eli Sandhaus

Yeshiva Derech HaTorah, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Elimelech Chaneles (Principal)
Rabbi Yisroel Grossberg (Principal)

Yeshiva Mordechai Meir, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Yaakov Bryski (Dean)
Rabbi Tzvi Dinerman
Rabbi Yossi Goodman

Yeshiva of Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Michael Schrem
Rabbi Moshe Twersky

Yeshiva Ohr Somayach, Monsey, NY

Rabbi Yisroel Simcha Schorr (Dean; & Sr. Ed., Artscroll Talmud)
Rabbi Mel Waterman

Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin, Brooklyn, NY

Simcha Brailofsky
Rabbi Moshe Fruchthandler
Rabbi Eli Rabinowitz

Yeshiva University, New York, NY

Rabbi Dr. Moshe D. Tendler (Prof.; & Dean, RIETS; & Rav, Cmmty. Synag. of Monsey, NY)

Yeshivas Lubavitch of Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Bentzion Anshell Shaffer (& emeritus, Young Israel of Randolph, MA)
Rabbi Pinchas Dovid Weber (Dean)

Yeshivat Ohr Simcha, Kfar Chabad, Israel

Rabbi Yosef Itzchak Klein (Yeshivat Bucharim)
Rabbi Zeev Slavin

Yeshivos — misc. (International)

Rabbi Avraham Assayag (Ganei Chabad, Tsfat, Israel)
Rabbi Chaim Bell (Leeds Menorah School, Leeds, England)
Rabbi Meir Bostomsky (Talmud Torah Tzemach Tzedek, Petach Tikva, Israel)
Rabbi Yosef A. Cohen (Yeshivas Lubavitch Manchester, England, UK)
Rabbi Mendel Dvorkin (Cheder Yaldei Menachem, Zhitomir, Ukraine)
Rabbi Shamai Ende (Dean, Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim, S. Paulo, Brazil)
Rabbi Menachem M. Gordon (Yeshiva Gedolah Lubavitch, London, England)
Rabbi Sholom Ber Groner (Rav, Torah Academy, Johannesburg, S. Africa)
Rabbi Yossi Havlin (Yeshiva Gedola, Frankfurt, Germany)
Rabbi Dovber Light (Yeshiva Gedola Rabb. College, Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia)
Rabbi Menachem Marmulszteyn (Shmuel Zahavy Cheder Chabad, Toronto, ON, Canada)
Rabbi Shmuel Nemanow (Yechiva Ohr Menachem, Yerres, France)
Rabbi Mendel Plotkin (Yeshivas Lubavitch-Oholei Menachem Mendel, Toronto, ON, Canada)
Rabbi Eliezer Tsvi Rabinovitsh (Dean, Yeshiva Tomchei T’mimim, Kiev, Ukraine)
Rabbi Eli Serebryanski (Shmuel Zahavy Cheder Chabad, Toronto, ON, Canada)
Rabbi Iossef Sirotsky (Dean, Tiferet Menachem Inst., Beitar Ilit, Israel)
Rabbi Moshe Stern (Rabbinical College of Canada, Montreal, QC, Canada)
Rabbi Menachem Traxler (Yeshivas Tzeirei Hashluchim, Tsfat, Israel)
Aron Zvi Vilenski (Dean, Ner Yosef Kollel, Modi’in Illit, Israel)
Rabbi Noam Wagner (Dean, Yeshiva Gedolah Lubavitch, Johannesburg, S. Africa)
Rabbi Moshe Wolberg (Yeshivas Lubavitch Manchester, Salford, England)
Rabbi Gershon Zirkind (Dean, Mesivta of Montreal, QC, Canada)

Yeshivos — misc. (USA — general)

Rabbi Chaim Adelman (Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion, Edison, NJ)
Rabbi Shlomo Bendet (Dean, Lubavitch Cheder Day School, S. Paul, MN)
Rabbi David Berelowitz (Lakewood Cheder, Lakewood, NJ)
Rabbi Zalman Berkowitz (Los Al Hebrew High School, Los Alamitos, CA)
Shraga Berlin (Yeshiva Bais Moshe, Scranton, PE)
Rabbi Sholom Ber Brownstein (Chabad Hebrew Academy, Margate, FL)
Rabbi Shimon Druk (Cheder Lubavitch, Oak Park, MI)
Rabbi Moishe Y. Engel (Hebrew Academy, Huntington Beach, CA)
Rabbi Sender Engel (Hebrew Academy, Huntington Beach, CA)
Rabbi Chayim Friedman (Yeshivas Achei Temimim, Pittsburgh, PA)
Rabbi Yisroel Geisinsky (Yeshiva Torah Ohr, N. Miami Beach, FL)
Rabbi Yosef Y. Gourarie (Yeshivas Menachem Mendel, Detroit, MI)
Rabbi Norbert Kalter (Yeshivas Toras Chaim, N. Miami Beach, FL)
Rabbi Menachem Karmel (Asst. Prcpl., Yeshiva Elementary School, Miami Beach, FL)
Rabbi Zev Kogel (Exec. Dir., Yeshiva Bais Pinchos, Lakewood, NJ)
Rabbi Yaakov Sheinberger (Principal, Chabad Hebrew Academy, Margate, FL)
Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm (Dir., Lubavitch Yeshiva, S. Paul, MN)
Rabbi Reuven Witkes (Cheder Lubavitch, Morristown, NJ)
Rabbi Nissan Meir Zaetz (Yeshiva Schools, Pittsburgh, PA)

Yeshivos — misc. (USA — New York)

Rabbi Shmuel Bohensky (Yeshiva of Staten Island)
Naftoli Borchardt (Yeshiva of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn)
Maimon Elbaz (Lev Torah Yeshiva, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Moshe Faskowitz (Dean, Yeshiva Madreigas HaAdam, Flushing; & Rav, Torah Ctr. Hillcrest)
Rabbi Jacob Fettman (Yeshiva Sha’arei Zion Ohel Bracha, Forest Hills)
Rabbi Avi Frank (Yeshiva of Spring Valley, Monsey)
Rabbi Aaron Groner (youth program, Yeshiva Ohr Yitzchok, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Yigal Haimoff (Rav & founder, Yeshiva Ohel Simcha, Queens)
Rabbi Shmuel Halpern (Yeshiva Sh’or Yoshuv, Far Rockaway)
Daniel Aryeh Harris (Yeshiva Simchas Torah, Kew Gardens Hills)
Rabbi Yakov Horowitz (Dean, Yeshiva Darchei Noam, Suffern)
Rabbi Adam Kadosh (Yeshiva Ohr Torah, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Moshe Kamin (Yeshiva Zichron Aryeh, Far Rockaway)
Rabbi Joseph Koenig (Dean, Kollel Tal Torah, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Moshe Levy (Yeshiva Derech Chaim, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Avrohom Lipskier (Dean, Yeshiva Tiferes Menachem, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Moshe Mandel (Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Far Rockaway)
Rabbi Binyomin Margulies (Yeshiva Torah Temimah, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Yitzchok Mitnick (Yeshiva Simchas Chaim, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Yosef Mitnick (Beth Yaakov Academy, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Chaim Nitzlich (Dean, Ohr HaTorah, Monsey)
Rabbi Chaim Pearl (Yeshiva of Central Queens)
Rabbi Boruch Saks (Yeshiva of Staten Island)
Rabbi David Slomovits (Prcpl., Yeshiva Torah Temimah, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Yosef Widroff (Yeshivas Novominsk, Brooklyn)
Rabbi Yoel Yankelewitz (Exec. Dir., Yeshiva Shaar Hatorah, Kew Gardens)

Young Israel synagogues (see other categories above for more Young Israel rabbis)

Rabbi Shaul Chill (Far Rockaway, NY)
Rabbi Moshe Snow (Rav, YI - Beth El of Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY)
Rabbi Abraham J. Stolzenberg (Rav, YI of Ocean Pkwy., Brooklyn, NY)
Rabbi Yaakov Wasser (E. Brunswick, NJ)

*(z”l) now deceased